PunaMusta Coloro is your brand visibility’s best friend

We create a stunning visual look for your events and exhibition stands and provide all your marketing materials for events both small and large in the way that best promotes your brand. When it comes to taping your vehicles, you can count on our expertise, whether the vehicle in question is a car, a work machine or a tram. We will help you brand your stores, from window tapings to store decorations, and ensure that your sales are enhanced with insightful in-store marketing solutions. When it comes to decorating your premises, we have the capabilities to create the look you want on almost every surface – without forgetting impressive solutions for outdoor advertising.

Stunning and experience-rich events are created in cooperation with our group company PunaMusta Profilight. Effective outdoor and indoor lighting and LED screens will make your brand visible to a wider audience, both at events and as part of store marketing, for example. We bring the surfaces of buildings to life through video projections and create an unprecedented ambience for events or as part of outdoor advertising.

You won't find this calibre of services anywhere else, because we are Finland’s largest and decidedly the most creative large-screen and LED screen service provider. You can get all the services with a one-stop tactic. Let us help your brand stand out visibly – and sustainably!

Our family of companies will help you succeed

PunaMusta Coloro Oy is part of the Finnish media, visibility and printing group PunaMusta Media Oyj, which employs approximately 720 professionals in the field. The group’s turnover is EUR 106 million (2021). Our company family’s diverse range of services helps you create success for your business.

PunaMusta Oy is a company known for its sustainable printed products, and you can rely on their services in the design, content production and printing of magazines and newspapers, advertising products and communication materials, for example. Nearly all the printed advertising and communication materials are available as 100% carbon neutral. You can also get eye-catching media solutions from PunaMusta for Tampere tramcar tapings and digital displays, as well Keskustori’s digital screens.

Exove Oy and RockOn offer digital solutions to enhance your communication, marketing and sales operations. Exove offers web services that have instant business impact. RockOn provides you with solutions for managing your product information, so you can store your data in one place and manage, enrich and automatically distribute it to all the channels you need.

Test us and you will be surprised. Positively.