Nainen pomppaa iloisena ja tukka ilmassa leijuen.


Retail and stores

Retail and store marketing productions have become one of PunaMusta Coloro’s biggest business activities. The fight for customers attention rises and our skills for efficient production has developed.

Retail and stores PunaMusta Coloro

Ad taping and car wrapping

Advertising tape is your choice when you want to implement distinctive and cost-effective marketing both in offices and in traffic. A well-designed taping grabs your customers attention and boosts your brand’s message on the go. Make sure that your premises and vehicles are noticed from afar!

Office solutions

When we take on office solutions there could just be outer walls and roof ready. After that everything is possible. Electricity, flooring, inner walls, lighting, shelfs, painting, back rooms and typically all kinds of branding with company’s image.

Office solutions PunaMusta Coloro

Event and fair solutions

After a year without events, we can finally, slowly start organizing events. This is best news for artist, event production companies but firstly for the crowd enjoying the events. We hope that there will not be any setbacks and we can quickly face each other’s again and experience of music festivals, concerts, fairs, and other events.

Event and fair solutions PunaMusta Coloro

Outdoor advertising

In outdoor advertising, we pump up the volume to ensure that everyones attention is drawn to your brand wherever they go. Outdoor advertising is one of the most exciting marketing channels, where distinctiveness and authenticity are rewarded. In addition to traditional banners and advertisements, we have interesting and impressive solutions to offer. LED screens showing a moving image and visual lighting design take your brand’s message to a whole new level!

Outdoor advertising PunaMusta Coloro
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