Nainen hymyilee ja osoittaa jääkiekkopeliä ja mies tuulettaa.

Event and fair solutions

After a year without events, we can finally, slowly start organizing events. This is best news for artist, event production companies but firstly for the crowd enjoying the events. We hope that there will not be any setbacks and we can quickly face each other’s again and experience of music festivals, concerts, fairs, and other events.

We at PunaMusta Coloro are specialized producing all materials for events. Before the pandemic almost half of our revenue came from events. You get all materials, from big stadium events to small gatherings and conferences from us.

We love our customers!

World Cup Levi, Urheilugaala, Helsinki Pride, Helsinki Cup, Davis Cup and endless number of fair booths. That’s just a few of our customers. Especially in bigger events we work together with event producing offices which plan the events. With that we’ll be able to great the most stunning materials for your event.

After time our liaisons have only deepened. We have found better ways to be environmentally friendly and figured out new ways to create the atmosphere of the event more addictive.

Basic products and tailored solutions

You can get by with basic products. Pop-ups, roll-ups, fair desks, and fair walls. Flags, business cards, banderols, and mobiles. Old and well used products but they always work. We can cut roll-ups into shapes and they work outside as well. When we produce 20 pieces with good visual the big picture looks good. Beach flag row always works.

Our fair walls are easy assemble walls, with different modules so you can make it as long as you like. Sizes range from 2-3 meters in height and 3-15 meters in width. You’ll be able to modify the wall to be straight, with corners or curves. You can also rent our fair walls!

We also offer fair tents branded just for you. You can buy the whole tent or rent the scaffolding and just buy the fabric. What works for you.

Our basic products also contain sofas, desks, counters, scaffoldings and so many other things. You find the products here.

Our printer’s width is around 3 meters, and we are able to print from one piece to tens of meters worth of fabric. With low costs and effort, we can make polished elements. We have fabric examples for roughest of weathers.



Here you can see fair stand for Vink. We executed the whole thing including the details such as mock vinyl covers.

We build your event

Typically we build the event from start to finish. We build the walls, install banderols, and assemble tents. Sometimes it takes more time, like in World Cup Levi and sometimes it’s quick. Sometimes we only bring out one fair wall that we assemble and then in the morning we tear it down.

You can visit our virtual showroom right now. You will find solutions you have never even thought about!

To get you started

We advise you to contact us. We can work together to get a clear view of your needs. If you know what you need, we’ll be able to reach the goal together. Sometimes it’s good to hire a designer to visualize what you want, and we can help you to find the perfect one for that too.

First you get an estimate of cost and then we can get started.

Reach out to us so we can figure out together how to make your visions to final product!

You can send a message to one of our sales perso


Test us and you will be surprised. Positively.