Nainen kurottaa ostoksia ostoskärryyn hymyillen jalka ojennettuna.

Retail and stores

Retail and store marketing productions have become one of PunaMusta Coloro’s biggest business activities. The fight for customers attention rises and our skills for efficient production has developed.

Structure design is everything

Displays designed for stores never work without careful designing. Structure designers have to take notice of many different things. In example fire class, products that are displayed in that sales display, the size, easy assemble and budget.

For customers the important thing about the display is easy assemble and material consumption and how to optimize it. Assembling the display is important for getting the display on its place and if we keep material consumptions low, we can keep the costs low.

Don’t ever just settle for mediocre. Always demand more. With shapes you stand out. There’re the three golden rules from our structure designers to our customers.


We have executed the whole store for Helly Hansen in Helsinki Outlet.



There are many ways of production

We at PunaMusta Coloro make sure we are prepared for every kind of campaigns, big or small. We can produce fabrics, boards, paintings, posters and displays in our own factory. It’s hard to imagine a product you cannot get from us.

In our Vantaa department we produce materials – fabrics, boards, cardboards, stickers – printing them and then cutting. It’s how we can be cost-efficient with small batches and quick in orders.

Lately we have done different kinds of store solutions for different brands. For example we did BilleBeino's space in Sokos Helsinki.



To get you started

We advise you to contact us. We can work together to get a clear view of your needs. If you know what you need, we’ll be able to reach the goal together. Sometimes it’s good to hire a designer to visualize what you want, and we can help you to find the perfect one for that too.

First you get an estimate of cost and then we can get started.

Reach out to us so we can figure out together how to make your visions to final product!


Test us and you will be surprised. Positively.