Coloro is a 2018 founded growth company in graphic industry . Despite the young age, our goals for common good are high. We promise to do our best to make our impact on our surrounding world – our work community, nature and our stakeholders – positive.

We want to build Coloro an equal and safe company. We are committed to creating a workplace for our employees in which we all can proud of ourselves. We will participate in the Great Place to Work competition and our goal is to get to the list of the best jobs in Finland.

We comply with laws and regulations in all our operations. Our goals and our economic indicators are openly available to all as well as our actual economic figures. We are owned by Finnish entrepreneurs.

We have the opportunity to influence our environment with the choices we make in our production. In all our activities, we prefer environmentally friendly alternatives and we will build a process for recycling our used products.

Our journey is just beginning. Our future goal is to prevent the generation of waste in our operations.

Test us and you will be surprised. Positively.