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Office solutions

When we take on office solutions there could just be outer walls and roof ready. After that everything is possible. Electricity, flooring, inner walls, lighting, shelfs, painting, back rooms and typically all kinds of branding with company’s image.

Larger amount of business premises solutions starts from branding the space to look like the company’s brand. Business could get a facelift, or they want to renovate their space for some reason. They might want to move some walls or have different use for the space.

With branding, there is usually designing company involved which plans the project and PunaMusta Coloro just produces and brings plans to reality. These kinds of co-operating projects we have done multiple. In example this Seppo Laine patent office which we created in unison with Riemusta designing company.

So what do we do exactly?

Projects typically starts with us coming over to measure the space. With that we want to have company’s ideas on paper to get a clear view of modifications. Our installation manager will measure everything out and looks current installed materials. That will guide with picking out new materials.

After we get measurements, we give you a proposition of the materials and how we install them. Sometimes we have multiple suggestions. There could be different solutions to one space.

Customer with the help of designing company makes the final decisions and approves the price. Now we can start the work.

We print fabrics and sow them, we print boards and tapes and cut them into wanted shapes. We oversee all the work and make sure the quality is the best.

After we have all the materials, we arrange the instalment with customer. We try to work around customers own schedule so that we don’t disturb their work. Customer satisfactory is important and we do not leave any trash behind.



We branded Grenke's office with different window tape's and and signs. As you can see their entrance is an eye-catcher.



Also we executed the new office and teaching space for Ava Academy. We taped the walls and tables so when you are in a meeting (on the spot or virtual) your brand is visible for the participants.


What about the quality of our products?

We print with our own nearly 3 meters width printer all of the fabrics, boards and tapes. With printed materials we make with our own hands everything to our customers.

You can get the pictures made on boards or canvas in exactly the size you want. The fabric can be in aluminum frames, light cabinet, hanging or canvas. You decide. You also decide the shape of the painting: a star, an oval, a circle or just a square. Everything goes.

The board can be aluminum composite, honeycomb board, plywood, MDF, cardboard, crispbread or acoustic board. Everything gives color to the surface. Some let light through, some don't. Careful design of the lighting brings different interior design solutions to life in a whole new way. We know that too.

Signs are an essential part of good space planning. From the car park, it is more comfortable for the customer to find their destination than get lost in parking space. We usually make durable outdoor signs from aluminum composite. Furthermore, you can devise interior signage and information boards as well as the tags of the company's own premises as you like. We succeed in implementation, regardless of material or size.


To get you started

We advise you to contact us. We can work together to get a clear view of your needs. If you know what you need, we’ll be able to reach the goal together. Sometimes it’s good to hire a designer to visualize what you want, and we can help you to find the perfect one for that too.

First you get an estimate of cost and then we can get started.

Reach out to us so we can figure out together how to make your visions to final product!


Test us and you will be surprised. Positively.