For marketing, store and space branding we created

Virtual Showroom!

Over 600 square meters of materials, ideas, products and possibilities. 





In our Showroom you will find ideas for workspaces, stores and events. 

Entire Coloro-building has been crafted to be one big showroom. You can see space branding in our lobby, conference rooms, common areas and even in our restrooms. Outdoor strucktures and materials are on display in our fairground. 

For store branding we built entire shop which displays opportunities for your store. Even ESL- ja DS -technologies are on full display. 

You can test your own displays live in our showroom!

We have plenty of space in our showroom for you to test your displays. We will gladly help if you need to think about your execution. It's easy to execute ideas as we can quickly do modifications in our space.

Would you like a quided virtual tour of perhaps you'd want to pay a visit?

Our showroom is as it's best experienced live so you can touch and fell the materials. Despite the times we live you are welcomed to stop by any time. In our facility we have a face mask requirement and we take care of the hygienic. 


Call us +358 (0)10 229 2020 or leave your information and we will get back to you! 


Testaa meidät ja yllätyt. Iloisesti.