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Coloro is a company specialised in marketing productions. In the midst of the Corona crisis, we launched a production line that manufactures droplet protection products for consumers and organisations. This was done in a matter of days. Our customers in addition to consumers are central retailers, large companies and healthcare operators.

Our product family under the name DropStopper is expanding rapidly. We are also ready to produce products suitable for special needs, such as protective gear suitable for dental work.

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CE-approved DropStopper-drop protection shieldDropStopper_Pro_075_CE_small

DropStopper Drop protection Pro075
Drop protection shields reduces the risk of infection from drops and prevents the user from touching their face. This model is made from extremely clear polycarbonate and visor can be moved over head if need be.

Visor is CE-approved and meets every requirement from authorities.

In stock now.

All our visors are designed and manufactured in Finland.





Dropstopper Drop protection mask Pro Dropstopper Drop protection mask Pro

Standard drop mask is designed and produced in Finland. This mask has standard patterns or it can be branded with company logos or colours. Double layered fabric covers nose and mouth easily with metal bracing over nose


Made out of Antibacterial HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 -fabric
- ISO 18184, strongly antiviral
- ISO 20743, strongly antibacterial - Fabric has no elastic

Face mask is 100% Polyester and has a metal brace over nose. This product comes in three different sizes: S, M, L.

- Washable at 60 ° C
- Standard design sold in batches of 1, 5, 10 and 20 pcs
- Branded design for over 100 pcs batches

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Dropstopper Gown

Dropstopper Gown

A gown made for home care and customer service to protect from drops. The gown has long sleeves with elastic band and extends to the knees. The material is completely water-resistant. 






DropStopper Drop Shield

A shield made to protect customer service personnel. The material is a 3-5mm polystyrene or acrylic shield depending on stock. It can be a free standing, hanging or mounted model. The shape can be freely defined with the possibility to add a personal touch such as the company logo. Production, depending on the amount, takes a working day.


DropStopper Handsanitizer automatic dispencer

DropStopper Handsanitizer automatic


DropStopper Handsanitizer automatic dispencer is designed and made in Finland. This technical dispencer apportions handsanitizer without touching. DropStopper Handsanitizer automatic dispencer is mess free choice.

This device removes the hassle caused by replacing and filling empty handsanitizer bottles.

DropStopper Handsanitizer automatic dispencer is available for sale or leasing. Leasing includes handsanitizer liquid with replacements and necessary maintenance.

Technical information:
- Measurements: W350 x D350 x H1400 mm.
- Liquid tank volume 2 x 20 litre.
- One fill contains 13 000 portions.
- Weight empty: 30 kg.
- Operating voltage: 230 v.
- Warranty: 6 months.

Sale batches according to agreement.
Delivery expedition: According to storage situation 10-100 pcs per day.

Branded designs are possible. Contact for more information:




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